Attorney Success Stories

Here are just a few of the many success stories that we have heard from attorneys across the United States:

“The quality of my DUI/DWI defense practice has skyrocketed since discovering Dave Cox and Your DUI Pro.  The lessons Dave taught me in his exceptional CLE seminars and through his incredibly insightful expert case evaluation reports have helped me to (1) win more cases; (2) gain recognition as a local authority in drunk driving defense; (3) attract better clients; (4) expand my firm from one to three offices; (5) raise fees and increase firm revenues; and (6) author books and articles on DWI that position me as a leading lawyer in the field – just to name a few benefits.  In over 10 years of practicing law, my professional relationship with Dave Cox is one of my most treasured assets.  His services are worth every penny!  If you practice DUI/DWI defense, you would be a fool to ignore what Dave Cox and Your DUI Pro can do to help you and your clients!”
Parker Layrisson
Parker Layrisson Law Firm
Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Ponchatoula, Louisiana

“Since attending your seminar, my firm, Minick Law, has taken a whole different approach to DWI defense. To continue building on the tools I acquired during your sessions, my associate attorney, a former sheriff, and I have attended the 24 hour NHTSA student course for impaired driving detection and SFST training.  As a result of our firm commitment to offer top shelf DWI representation, less than a year after attending your CLE, Minick Law opened up new offices in Asheville, Charlotte, and Gastonia.  Our legal team handled more than 150 DWI cases in 2012 in 15 counties in Western North Carolina.  Our growing team will continue to return to your seminars to keep us on the cutting edge of DWI representation.”
James Minick
Minick Law
Asheville, Charlotte, and Gastonia, North Carolina

“I do not exclusively do criminal cases, let alone DWI/DUI cases, but I did attend your seminar in College Station, Texas several months back. Since that time I have had two DWI jury trials. In the first one, my client blew a 0.15 on the breathalyzer. In the second, my underage client was clocked speeding at 93 mph at 1:00 a.m., admitted to drinking 6 or 7 beers and smoking incense, and initially stated, “You got me, I’m drunk.” Both clients were found not guilty. I can honestly say that there is no way those verdicts would have happened had I not attended your seminar. It was the best CLE I have ever attended and it has made me a better lawyer for my DWI clients by far. Thank you.”
Seth Evans
The Evans Law Firm
Livingston, Texas

“I attended a seminar of yours last year in Houston.  On a number of different occasions, I have used the materials to great success in intoxication trials.  Most recently, I employed your guide to attacking and winning DWI cases to obtain a not guilty verdict in a breath case.  My client had blown a .102 and a .104 an hour and a half after he was pulled over.  We employed your recommendations emphasizing how well he did during the first two phases of the stop, how the DRE did not properly administer the walk and turn test, and how to successfully attack the validity of the intoxilyzer.  Thank you for your ongoing guidance.”
Ryan Gertz
The Gertz Adair Law Firm
Beaumont, Texas

“In the last 3-4 weeks I have gotten three different DUIs dismissed.  All of them blew or had blood drawn.  1.  Guy with a .16 BAC; bad tests – dismissed;  2.  Young female – bad stop, she did poorly on improperly administered tests, blew a .17 BAC – dismissed due to test administration and no indicators for stop; and 3.  Woman who crossed line, police thought drugs, toxicology came back with THC and indications of amphetamins but not within impairment range (I had asked you about this one) – DUI dismissed.  Your information has really helped in looking out for the rights of people stopped by police for DUI.  Thanks.”

Edward (Ted) G. Chester, Jr.
Chester Law
FBI Special Agent (Retired)
Polson, Montana

“Taking your course increased my confidence to take DWI cases for the first time since I felt that I learned critical tools to win most cases and had the support if needed.  Since then, I have convinced prosecutors to drop the DWI charges based on one or a combination of the following:

-Interview/instructions switching back and forth between Spanish and English;
-Heavy wind;
-Pebbles on road;
-Wearing sandals;
-Strobe lights on while taking eyes test;
-Instructing suspect to park car several feet away;
-Wind direction made it unlikely to perceive alcohol odor, like in hunting;
-Officer failing the walk demonstration.

Thank you!”
Ricardo A. Rodriguez
Attorney at Law
McAllen, Texas

“The most important tool that I acquired in attending Your DUI Pro’s seminar was knowledge. Knowledge as to how law enforcement goes about detecting suspected drunk drivers and the techniques employed by law enforcement in their detection and in their face to face contacts with suspected drunk drivers. Knowledge as to how the field sobriety tests are correctly and incorrectly applied by law enforcement.

As a self employed attorney this knowledge has been vital in obtaining clients. Prior to attending Mr. Cox’s seminar, my knowledge of OWI defense was much more limited in scope. Now when I meet a prospective client and go over a police report, review a video and discuss in detail with that prospective client, the very first thing this knowledge does is inspire confidence in that individual. Confidence that I, as a lawyer, know what I am talking about, specifically OWI detection and defense.

I believe clients find it refreshing that I can explain these matters in simple straight forward manner that they can comprehend and understand without feeling that their lawyer is talking at the client as opposed to talking to the client.

I’ve had had instances where even when I was not hired by a particular person, that person would refer their friends to my office because they were impressed with my level of knowledge on the topic and my ability to explain these matters to them.

This knowledge has been instrumental in dealing with prosecuting attorneys and obtaining favorable results for my clients. I’ve noticed a fundamental difference as to how prosecuting attorneys deal with me when we meet to discuss a particular case. When I show that there are certain holes or weaknesses in the State’s case, the prosecution is more apt to negotiate, which in the end means a more favorable result for my clients.

I recommend to anyone wishing to practice OWI defense to attend a seminar by Your DUI Pro. You’ll be a better lawyer to your clients and to yourself.”
Ronnie Vargas
Vargas Law Office
Milwaukee, Wisconsin