Please read the testimonials to see why:
Nationwide, Attorneys Love This Seminar

“As a former police officer myself for over 10 years, formerly with the prosecutor’s office, and criminal defense for over 13 years, I find it refreshing to get the level of training that I did in this course. I never give all “excellent” ratings to a CLE, but Mr. Cox presents, likely the BEST DUI seminar I have ever attended. It was well rounded, yet very detailed and specific in all the right areas. I learned a great deal of very useful & practical information in this course. No question I’m a better DUI Defense Lawyer for having attended. A MUST for the serious DUI Defense Practitioner. Well worth the money.”

David Ridings – Nashville, Tennessee
Member National College For DUI Defense

“Dave Cox’s DUI seminar, his case review consultation, and his cross-examination development are all incredibly helpful no matter what your experience level. His ability to break down a DUI case and attack a myriad of issues from start to finish is remarkable and as user-friendly as it gets for the defense attorney seeking his expertise. Highly recommended for anyone handling a DUI and looking for a legitimate advantage that will work at every stage of the case.”

Brian C. Jordan – Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

“I took your class and I learned quite a bit. I had a trial and I used many of the techniques you taught us in class and we pulled out a NOT GUILTY at trial. I was a little tentative going to trial without an expert, but you convinced me that I could bring out the mistakes on the field sobriety testing myself by way of clever cross examination questions. You were right. Your advice saved my client a lot of money, and I learned a lot as well. And, most importantly, he was ACQUITTED of
DUI, and his CDL was saved. Thanks a lot for putting together a very informative CLE.”

Malcolm Palmore – Athens, Georgia

“I have attended the National College of DUI Defense at Harvard and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers at Las Vegas and this seminar was the most relevant to my practice. Thanks.”

Bruce Carey – Eagle, Colorado

“The seminar was very informative. I have attend NCDD’s Mastering Scientific Evidence 4 times, the summer session at Harvard twice, and Vegas twice, but I learned things I did not learn at those seminars.

Clark Adams, Jr. – Columbus, Georgia

“The seminar is a must for any attorney who wants to win a DUI trial. It is informative and provides unique insight into the mind of the officer and allows the attorney to know where the officer likes to “cheat” on the field sobriety tests. The GREATEST feeling is when you cross-examine the officer and you know the training manual better than the officer!!!”

David D. Dusek – Grand Forks, North Dakota

“If you handle DUI cases – stop taking them until you attend this seminar. This is like “sleeping with the enemy.” You will win more cases if you take this seminar.”

Philip Gardner – Martinsville, Virginia

“This was an extremely educational program. I feel that anyone who accepts DWI cases can gain something from this program. Mr. Cox does an excellent job of breaking down a DWI and explaining how the tests are supposed to be performed and how to defend them. He also does an excellent job of showing how to prove in court the way the test and stop should have gone.”

C Ryan Cole – Springfield, Missouri

“Outstanding practical course & very knowledgeable instructor. Valuable information to use at trial was provided, along with some examples of cross examinations.”

Susan Fremit – Arlington, Virginia

“Like I said, I wish all CLEs were like this: practical, timely and laid out in a way the written material will be used and taken to court with me on all my DWI trials.”

Edwin McClure – Rogers, Arkansas

“A must for attorneys handling DWI (Alcohol/Drug) Cases.”

George Gilmore – Sikeston, Missouri

“I learned a lot of new tips & techniques to aid me in contesting OWIs & better serving my clients.”

John Singer – Davenport, Iowa

“Excellent program. Something good for the most experienced DWI attorney to the novice.”

Lance Thurman – Rolla, Missouri

“The most useful CLE I have ever attended.”

Frank Mika – Waynesboro, Virginia

“Without question, the best CLE seminar I have ever attended. Very practical information that I will immediately begin implementing into my practice. In 10 years of defending DUI clients, it is amazing how much information I did not know to look for when defending them. My clients will have a much better attorney because I attended.”

Jeremy Aldridge – Elizabethtown, Kentucky

“Excellent seminar. I recommend this program for every lawyer handling DUI cases as required training.”

James E Hawkins Jr – Buckhannon, West Virginia

“This seminar was packed with useable information. It was well presented by a highly competent instructor. The perspective from an experienced DUI Police Officer is the inside view I seldom get. Great seminar.”

V. Alan Riley – Romney, West Virginia

“Best DUI seminar I have ever attended.”

Tim Conklin – Sycamore, Illinois

“Excellent Course! Well researched & presented. Could easily have covered two (2) days. Anyone who handles DUI/DWI defense will better serve their client(s) by taking this course.”

Frank Martens – Pocono, Pennsylvania

“Would recommend to any attorney that handles DUI’s.”

Zack Womack – Henderson, Kentucky

“Most informative and practical seminar I have attended for years – very good.”

Timothy Sirk – Keyser, West Virginia

“Excellent seminar. Material is very relevant and helpful.”

William E. Galloway – Weirton, West Virginia

“I have attended over 50 CLE courses. This is by far the Best!”

Adrian J Martens – Cresco, Pennsylvania

“I needed some down in the trenches tips to gain an edge in the courtroom.”

Dean Furner – Parkersburg, West Virginia

“Dave, you were excellent! Would appreciate any additional help or information in the future!”

Dax Womack – Henderson, Kentucky

“Most interesting and practical seminar I’ve attended.”

James McMillion – Charleston, West Virginia

“I did not expect to have such an informative CLE. I’m a very experienced DUI Defense Attorney and I learned a great deal that I did not know, and was not utilizing in my trial practice.”

Marty Judnich – Missoula, Montana

“This is the most practical, hands on, real world DUI seminar you will attend.”

Martin Eveland – Helena, Montana

“This seminar was well organized. Dave was an interesting & enthusiastic speaker. His material was easy to follow. He was very competent & knowledgeable about DUIs and tips of the trade. His past experience provided invaluable insight into the topic area.”

Tonya Meehan-Corsi – Kennewick, Washington

“The seminar was extremely informative and well organized. I am excited to defend my next OWI case and use some of the suggested ideas.”

Sharon Bilbrew – Elkhart, Indiana

“Great information, great CLE.”

Tony Tompkins – Spokane, Washington

“Best CLE I’ve attended.”

Brian Raymon – Spokane, Washington

“Great Seminar! Mr. Cox provides very valuable and trial ready information.”

Steve Pribyl – Valparaiso, Indiana

“Excellent CLE, most informative DUI class I have ever attended in 15 years of practice – excellent approach and extremely useful information and trial tactics.”

Bridget Condon – Spokane, Washington

“I found the information in this seminar very useful. I was able to use HGN information learned in a previous seminar to successfully defend a client against a DUI.”

Tim Wenz – Kalispell, Montana

“Best DUI CLE I have ever attended in a long while.”

Francis Adewale – Spokane, Washington

“Great information packaged in one day seminar. Perfect for my sole practice time restraints.”

Joanna McFarland – Lewiston, Idaho

“I was not prepared to try DWI cases until taking this seminar.”

Erin Lands – Dumas, Texas

“This course provides great insight into the field sobriety tests. It’s a must see for criminal defense lawyers.”

Matthew Jackson – Greenville, North Carolina

“One of the best courses on FSTs out there!”

Michael McNab – Centralia, Washington

“Wow! This was an amazing, information filled CLE, one the best I have ever attended. Mr. Cox is clearly an expert in this subject area and he clearly explains not only the technical side of SFST’s but also the human side and errors. A fabulous 6 CLE hours!”

Danielle Havens – Seattle, Washington

“Dave’s knowledge of the subject matter was extremely thorough. Gave me confidence that what I was learning came from a trustworthy source. Highly recommend this course.”

Peter Koulouris – Stockton, California

“This course was extremely informative and helpful. It provided me with substantial information that will be useful in my practice.”

Bill Reiland – Porterville, California

“A boatload of information in a short time for all levels of experience. Good reference materials. One the best CLE Seminars I have attended in recent years.”

Randy Edwards – Hanford, California

“Excellent Seminar. Materials outstanding. The presenter extremely knowledgeable!!”

Glenda Stout – Enterprise, Alabama

“Great program, would attend again.”

H.E. Bodiford – Clemson, South Carolina

“Highly recommended for all law enforcement officers that may encounter impaired drivers. “

Corporal David Mayo – Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Opelika, Alabama

“As an attorney just starting in this field of law, I feel this seminar instantly prepared me to handle DUI defense of varying complexities.”

Chad Tillman – Jackson, Tennessee

“Fact Finder Investigations stands out as the best CLE I have ever attended. The presenter’s knowledge of the subject is impressive and this class is a great value for the wealth of information you will receive.”

David McKenzie – Lewisburg, Tennessee

“By far, the best Tennessee CLE I have ever attended. Instead of attorneys in a given practice area wasting 6 hrs patting themselves on the back for their recent accomplishments, this course is taught by an exceptionally knowledgeable professional with useful tactics for every scenario.”

Michael Killen – Nashville, Tennessee

“Very good & interesting CLE. I will find this information extremely helpful & can apply it immediately. Good group discussion.”

Erin Poland – Clarksville Tennessee

“Helped me more than any seminar I have ever been to in conjunction with my practice.”

Gary Kivett – Spruce Pine – North Carolina

“Great seminar to learn more than the officer that arrested your client!”
Chris Dillon – Bastrop, Texas


“One of the best I’ve ever attended.”

Edwin Sadler – Cookeville, Tennessee

“Being primarily a transactional attorney, the seminar was very helpful to give general advice to my clients when questioned. I feel better educated to provide advice “in a pinch” which I have been required to do in the past.”

Jonathan McElroy – Asheville, North Carolina

“Overall, the course was informative and presented well.”

Stanton Wagers – Bellville, Texas


Connie Watkins – Cookeville, Tennessee

“As a former Law Enforcement Officer, turned Criminal Defense Attorney, found the course to be a great refresher, plus provided a wealth of new information and/or source material. Dave Cox is an “Expert” in his field – very knowledgeable. A practical program.”

Chris Wood – Laurinburg, North Carolina

“An invaluable resource for any attorney interested in defending DUI’s.”

Paul Prather Jr – Memphis, Tennessee

“Simply an excellent, well presented seminar which is appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced attorneys. I have practiced criminal law exclusively for 30 years and I found this seminar to be very helpful.”

Bob Clark – Waynesville, North Carolina

“Excellent seminar! A lot of information to digest; but well presented & useful.”

Anson Phipps – Montgomery, Texas

“I have attended the Fact Finder Investigations DUI seminar and the information provided has proven to be very helpful. As a former Assistant District Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA, I can say that Dave Cox knows this area of the law heads and shoulders above the rest, including most prosecutors. You will find the seminars and the supplemental investigations critical in building a solid defense for your clients as I have.”

Ryan M. Tutera – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“It was one of the best CLE seminars I have attended in my 50+ years of practicing law.”

Thomas French – Brattleboro, Vermont

“The information presented in this seminar & materials given to us will be a valuable asset to my DUI practice. I especially like the practical trial preparation tips and having an “insider’s view” from Dave. Truly a well-done seminar.”

Kristen Shannon – Chesapeake, Virginia

“Best of the best. 13 years at CLEs. This is the best, most informative, educational seminar I have taken ever! If you do DUI, this is a no-brainer for the beginner andthe experienced DUI lawyer.”

Andrew Korduba – Medina, Ohio

“I would recommend.”

Walt Brussart – Lewisburg, Tennessee

“One of the best seminars I have attended in my 20 years of practice.”

Thomas Robl – Leesburg, Virginia

“The program materials are outstanding and can immediately serve as the basis for defending DUI cases. Speaker has an excellent, vibrant delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.”

William Katz – Montgomery, Alabama

“Best CLE I have attended in years. Many thanks.”

Kearney Hammer – Stanwood, Washington

“The best & most useful seminar I’ve been to in years!!!”

Tonya Heers – Las Vegas, Nevada

“This is a doctorate level course on DUI. Lots of info, well taught. This is the stuff
people expect lawyers to know. Great course, great instruction. Learned a lot of
actual useful tactics for practice, both for prosecution & defense; that would take
years to learn on your own.”

John Marshall – Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Thank you very much. This was one of the most helpful & useful CLEs I have attended.”

Tiana M. McElroy – Coffeyville, Kansas

“Great information, really appreciated how thorough & detailed the analysis of how to break down every step of a DUI stop.”

Meryl Zendarski – Oxford, Mississippi

“Excellent presentation. I started in DUI law in July (I’m a prosecutor) but this information will be invaluable to my practice.”

Josse Goehl – Joliet, Illinois

Overall, the best DUI seminar I have attended.

Yossof Sharifi – Salk Lake City, Utah

“Probably the best CLE I have ever gone to. I got my money’s worth and more.”

Justin Hager – Bismarck, North Dakota

“I will recommend this to others. I gained more practical useful info than in any other seminar in 10 years that I could use in my practice.”

Stan Smith – Gulfport, Mississippi

“Very good – The Best DUI Seminar I’ve Been To”

Chuck Robbins – Puyallup, Washington

“Overall one of the better CLE’s I have attended in 8+ years.”

John Hancock – Henderson, Nevada

“Best, most interesting & informative CLE in years.”

Connie Lundquist – Brunswick, Maine

“Certainly, this was one of the best seminars in my years of practice!!”

Jonas Longoria – Scottsbluff, Nebraska

“Best, most informative CLE I’ve attended yet. Thank you.”

Jarred Henline – Lehi, Utah

“Very intelligent, useful seminar. All CLE’s should be this good!”

J. Sky Tapp – Hot Springs, Arkansas

“Well done presentation”

Richard Raspallo – Cranston, Rhode Island

“Good job”

Phil Nathe – Naperville, Illinois

“Overall extremely helpful. All of the information given was helpful and informative. I feel confident that I can successfully defend a DUI case after attending this CLE.”

Jacquelyn Diane Tomlinson – Montgomery, Alabama

“Great seminar, very informative. Really appreciate your work.”

Adam Johnson – Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Was greatly pleased at new approaches I’d not considered, and insight into DRE issues. Worth the investment of time and money; it’ll pay for itself quickly.”

Harry Hertel – Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“Mr. Cox was extremely articulate, entertaining, & informative. I really enjoy a “hands on” officer’s perspective. Especially where it is as informative as Mr. Cox.”

Gary Prolman – Portland, Maine

“Thank you for an excellent class & materials!”

Irma Cordova – Santa Rosa, California

“It was an excellent seminar and I really learned a lot of important information.”

Angie Baldwin – Monroe, Louisiana

“This was the most interesting seminar I have attended in quite a while!!! Very informative.”

Kathryn Lirette – Houma, Louisiana

“Great seminar; good as advertised. With Dave’s expertise, it was refreshing to see and hear his open reception to other views, comments and suggestions. An expert with honesty and humility. Nice to see!”

Mike Pattinson – Moscow, Idaho

“I found the program to be entertaining and informative”

Michael Adcock – Ridgeland, Mississippi

“Very in-depth, excellent overall”

Jason Marchese – Fort Bragg, California

“Excellent Seminar – You covered a great number of important items succinctly, clearly, and in an interesting manner.”

Fred Reiter – Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I enjoyed the seminar, very well done and valuable to my practice.”

Steve Hayne – Bellevue, Washington

“The day zipped right by . . . thus it had to have been a good seminar. Very good . . . I would recommend it to other attorneys”

Alan Yaffe – Corpus Christi, Texas

“Great seminar!!”

Bryan Robbins – Charleston, Illinois

“Excellent Seminar”

C. Stephen Bennett – Ridgeland, South Carolina

“Lots of really good information.”

Larry Rosenthal – Tucson, Arizona

“I would definitely recommend this to others.”

Ken Phillips – Gallatin, Tennessee

“Very, very good!”

Laura Woods – Red Bluff, California

“Would take class again.”

James Phelps – Dunsmuir, California

“Very well done.”

Miguel Garcia – Macon, Georgia

“Very thorough, extensive, & informative.”

Joseph Gocke – Woodland, California

“I would recommend.”

Walt Brussart – Lewisburg, Tennessee

“Excellent. Dave Cox knows his stuff and pulls the curtain back on what law enforcement and the D.A.’s office don’t know or don’t want you to know.”

Elliott Magnus – Bakersfield, California

“I have attended DUI seminars for many years. This was the most hands-on seminar on FST’s & NHTSA requirements I have attended. There is much that I can use in my practice.”

Michael Saile Jr – Langhorne, Pennsylvania

“Dave did a great job explaining how we could use the information he shared with us, when he pulled back the DUI investigation curtain.”

Joseph Hicks – Fredericksburg, Virginia

“Your program was the most helpful CLE in terms of application to my daily practice than most I have attended.”

Bill Nunn – Stigler, Oklahoma

“An outstanding seminar imparting valuable information & effective, practical defense strategies. As both a defense attorney & municipal prosecutor with over 25+ years experience, I recommend it highly.”

Richard Kelly – Trenton New Jersey

“If you want to effectively and zealously advocate for your clients on OWI cases, you need what Dave presented.”

Ronald Langford – Des Moines, Iowa

“Great details on the topics covered. Mr. Cox is clearly an expert. I will be using this information in my practice immediately.”

Michael Horn – Branson, Missouri

“ An excellent course. The presenter’s real world experience in law enforcement highlights the practical application of the material.”

Eric Carpenter – Pryor, Oklahoma

“This was the best seminar I have ever attended. It was the first time I did not become sleepy during the presentation.”

Richard Beard – Sedalia, Missouri

“Well organized & informative. Practical & useful information that can be applied in your practice.”

Pete Karoblis – Wausau, Wisconsin

“This was a very practical and valuable seminar. I will be able to immediately use the information learned in my OWI practice.”

Ryan Ellis – Indianola, Iowa

“The most useful CLE I have ever attended.”

Frank Mika – Waynesboro, Virginia

“This CLE by Your DUI Pro regarding DUI cases was fantastic. I have taken other CLEs regarding DUI defense and they were good, but the one by Your DUI Pro was by far the best. The course provides valuable information regarding utilization of all relevant police manuals during cross-examination of officers.”

David Cole, Jr – Bowling Green, Kentucky

“As an attorney, we all attend CLEs on an annual basis. This program offered practical knowledge that every DUI practitioner needs, but is not offered in the “normal” CLE program.”

Daniel Bush – West Chester, Pennsylvania

“One of the very best DUI seminars out there. Just about any attorney who practices in DUI/DWI should attend this course.”

Justin Hager – Bismarck, North Dakota

“Best CLE I have attended in twenty years.”

Wayne Van Bibber – Hurricane, West Virginia

“I had a lot of the manuals Mr. Cox used in his presentation. I have used many of the techniques he recommends for cross-examination at trial. However, I have never heard a former officer give the proverbial “inside skinny” on field sobriety tests and how they can be even more easily attacked than I thought.”

Jeremy Ian Smith – Paducah, Kentucky

“The CLE was useful, the material was user friendly, and the pointers will be used.”

Leslie Johnson Aldrich – Fargo, North Dakota

“I leaned more than I have at similar IL attorney run courses. Nice to have the point of view of a former police officer.”

Deborah Bedsole – Wheaton, Illinois

“Great break down of relevant information from NHTSA manuals. Going to be very useful!”

Kyler Ovard – Park City, Utah

“Good solid seminar. Helpful information! He points you in the direction you need to go.”

John W. Tullis – Owensboro, Kentucky

“Whether you have one DUI trial under your belt or 100, this seminar will help you.”

B.J. Early – Lewisport, Kentucky

“This seminar was incredibly informative & Dave was extremely credible & well spoken. The wealth of information provided & made available will be tremendously useful in my practice.”

John A. Proctor – Huntington, West Virginia

“Video Eval is very good & practical. Ties all the info together.”

Dave Bogaczyk – Blossburg, Pennsylvania

“This was an excellent program. Dave has an able and comprehensive grasp of the subject material. He is an informative and knowledgeable presenter.”

Peter P Cohron – Henderson, Kentucky

“Great seminar. Exceeded expectations. Dave Cox is a real expert.”

Tom McGee – Charleston, West Virginia

“This seminar can teach DUI defense from beginning to end and is good for all attorneys regardless of experience level.”

Earl Hager – Princeton, West Virginia

“Dave does an excellent job of laying out the NHTSA regulations and the rigid requirements of field sobriety tests, which are seldomly followed and volumes of information for the DUI defense attorney. To not see his seminar is malpractice for a DUI attorney!”

C. Stephen Bennett – Ridgeland, South Carolina

“Best seminar I’ve ever been to. Learned at least a dozen very useful cross-exam questions without using an expert witness.”

Steve Snyder – Michigan City, Indiana

“Best DUI seminar I have ever attended. Practical, thoughtful and well-organized presentation and materials. With skill and intelligence, Mr. Cox shows you how to use information to cross-examine your officer.”

Dan Blake – Florence, South Carolina

“The seminar was informative and presented many points for pre-trial as well as trial preparation. This seminar will better prepare you for your next DUI trial and DUI plea negotiations.”

Richard Thonert – Fort Wayne, Indiana

“I have been a practicing attorney for 16 years in a practice that includes varied areas. This is, by far, the best, most excellently presented, and overall informative seminar I have ever attended.”

Norman Burggraf Jr – Elkhart, Indiana

“Very informative. Dave teaches you what to look for from stop through booking. References to officer training manuals was invaluable. Highly recommend.”

Sean Johnson – Butte, Montana

“The CLE course was clear, concise and practical. I am looking forward to applying some of the new information in my law practice.”

Felipe Merino – South Bend, Indiana

“Attacking DUI/DWI cases from an officer’s street experience is more beneficial than attacking these cases from a defense attorney’s court room experience.”

Jana Johnson – San Angelo, Texas

“I learned a lot during the seminar, can’t wait for a new DUI case so I can use all that I have learned! Thank you for your time!”

Kimberly Romero – Clovis, New Mexico

“Great seminar! Probably the best OWI seminar that I have been too.”

Jason Denny – Valparaiso, Indiana

“Extremely informative presentation and written materials. This course is essential for the serious DUI practitioner.”

Nick Thomas – Charleston, South Carolina

“Overall, one of the more informative seminars I’ve ever attended.”

Richard Fisher – Wabash, Indiana

“I received in 6 hours more information than review of dozens of DWI cases.”

Greta Crofford – Amarillo, Texas

“Best DWI Seminar I’ve been to in 40 years as a lawyer.”

R. Cherry Stokes – Greenville, North Carolina

“This seminar provided exactly what was promised, in great detail. The new perspectives I was introduced to will prove to be very advantageous.”

Rachel Turner – Montgomery, Alabama

“Met all advertised promises. Very informative with numerous practical investigation and trial tips.”

Peter Cowper – Visalia, California

“The presenter was as knowledgeable and informative as any I have heard dealing with this subject matter.”

Steve Lacy – Bayboro, North Carolina

“I wish this would have been available years ago.”

Robert Ehrhardt – Montesano, Washington

“Great practical information, especially the cross examination.”

William Shell – Wilmington, North Carolina

“Seminar presented practical, useful and important material in a direct, easy to follow manner. One of the most useful seminars I’ve attended. I didn’t see anyone leave early.”

Bruce Finlay – Shelton, Washington

“Great Seminar. I learned a lot of information that I was not aware of prior to the training. Will definitely help in representing my clients.”

Suzanne Hayes – Aiken, South Carolina

“Great information. Best CLE class I’ve attended in years.”

Ron Beckman – Lodi, California

“Best CLE! Really valuable info that I can actually apply to my practice. Many thanks!”

James Little – Raleigh, North Carolina

“This CLE was very good. I think anyone who represents people charged with DUI would benefit from attending.”

Kylie Purves – Port Orchard, Washington

“Good Job, 1st one I’ve enjoyed in years.”

Wes Johnson – Elizabethtown, North Carolina

“Great Seminar! Full of useful information, very well-presented and organized. Thanks so much!”

Pincess Smith – Smithfield, North Carolina

“Great class. Excited about the use of the material in my DWI practice.”

Jeffrey Heggelund – Gonzales, Louisiana

“Well done, great material, instructor knows and answers questions. Highly recommend.”

Rogers Hays – Pulaski, Tennessee

“It is truly beneficial for defense attorneys to see the training and elements of DUI law through the eyes of a former officer. I will definitely take what I learned from the seminar and apply it to my practice.”

Corey Atkins – Asheville, North Carolina

“I have been a practicing attorney for 35 years – part of this time as a felony prosecutor and the rest of the time as a defense attorney. Over this time, I have represented hundreds of citizens accused of driving while intoxicated and have attended many seminars over the last three and a half decades dealing with DWI and drug defense. The “Winning DWI Cases Seminar” conducted by Dave Cox is one of the best, if not the best, seminar I have attended. I would strongly recommend this seminar for any person who defends DWI cases.”

Travis Kitchens Jr – Onalaska, Texas

“Great presentation. Materials are on point.”

Mike Hinson – Hohenwald, Tennessee

“This was one of the Best CLE’s I have ever been to.”

Christopher May – Charlotte, North Carolina

“Excellent technical & practical information. Presented in a thorough, interesting manner.”

Steve Blythe – Temple, Texas

“Great seminar – pulls all areas of DUI representation together into one seminar. Teaches the manuals inside from officer’s perspective. Great!”

Richard Hansrote – Clarksville, Tennessee

“I really enjoyed this seminar, look forward to using what I learned next time in court.”

Greg Whitfield – Mooresville, North Carolina

“Dave was excellent!”

William Adams – San Saba, Texas

“I think this seminar was great. Every new DUI attorney needs to attend. Things I never considered were presented & these tools will come in handy in my DUI practice.”

Erika Eubanks – Memphis, Tennessee

“CLE money well spent!”

Victor Ortiz – La Place, Louisiana

“This was a very helpful seminar, I would recommend it. The program was well organized and covered topics that arise every day.”

Tom Grady – Concord, North Carolina

“Great seminar! Dave really knows his material and presents it so that everyone can understand it and use it in their practice.”

Ed Vogler – Mocksville, North Carolina

“This was one of the best & most informative seminars I have ever attended. I recommend this seminar be required to all Judges.”

Hardy Traylor – Colonial Heights, Virginia

“Great seminar wish we had 2 more days!”

Glenda Burton Horne – Kosciusko, Mississippi

“Dave – you did a great job again. You have an ease of presentation which makes for good listening & are obviously knowledgeable in your subject.”

Donald Hornblower – Lewiston, Maine

“One of the most organized and efficient / effective speakers I’ve heard.”

Jim Shands – Birmingham, Alabama

“Great seminar – one of the few that I’ve actually enjoyed the entire time.”

Laura Sopher – Marshalltown, Iowa

“Very informative & will give me tools I can use in practice immediately. Very happy I attended. Dave is very effective and credible as an instructor.”

Michael Wheeler – Pablo, Montana

“The presenter is excellent. He is obviously an expert in his field.”

Stephen Ray Porter – Hannibal, Missouri

“The program in its entirety provided knowledge & tools to ask the necessary questions, look at the evidence & prepare a quality defense for your client.”

Ronnie Vargas – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Great presentation Dave – will definitely refer people.”

Jerod Pingelton – Dumas, Texas

“Excellent. I will recommend this.”

Nils Gerber – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“Very practical information. Great seminar. Useful cross examination questions.”

Brett Hollett – Birmingham, Alabama

“Very informative. I really enjoyed the course and believe my practice will benefit from what I learned.”

Louis Loyd – Malvern, Arkansas

“Many practical explanations of the process / that was great.”

Dan McCulley – Junction City, Kansas

“I thought the evaluation of the actual DWI stop videos were effective & valuable.”

Rob Ray – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“This CLE was more than a great value. Definitely worth the time & money.”

Timothy Shephard Jr – Mt Vernon, Alabama

“Best Seminar I have attended. Thank you!”

Jeffrey Dahood – Anaconda, Montana

“Best training I’ve ever been to.”

Jim Squyres – Lufkin, Texas

“Best CLE course for practical uses of information in my practice.”

Theodore Adams – Park Ridge, Illinois

“Very good. One of the best seminars I have ever attended on any topic.”

Robert Sanders – Jackson, Mississippi

“This was a great course – one of the most informative & professionally presented.”

Pam Marchese – Fort Bragg, California

“Very good program & very informative. I think many lawyers of the defense bar in my area would be interested.”

Joel Eaton – Owatonna, Minnesota

“Darn Good!”

Tom Edwards – Matador, Texas

“I really enjoyed this seminar, recommend to any lawyer I meet.”

John Krivonyak – Charleston, West Virginia

“I really enjoyed this seminar, recommend to any lawyer I meet.”

John Krivonyak – Charleston, West Virginia

“Interesting & great speaker. Nice to have a unique and new CLE course! Fresh and informative – many thanks!”

Elizabeth Quattlebaum – Little Rock, Arkansas

“Great program. Excellent.”

Chad McCabe – Bismarck, North Dakota

“You do a great job, Dave!”

Jay Kaskie – Rockport, Texas

“Very good”

Michael Penkwitz – Port Washington, Wisconsin

“Thank you!!! Excellent Job!”

Joy Hobart – Soldotna, Alaska

“Very informative and useful.”

James Slavens – Fillmore, Utah

“Perfect speaker, was great!!”

James Kidney – Newport, Kentucky

“This seminar was very well organized and relevant.”

John Hauser – Thomasville, North Carolina

“Great Seminar!”

Melodie Summers – Salt Lake City, Utah

“Very good – obviously knows subject.”

Bill Cantrell – Bakersfield, California

“Excellent seminar; practical information which can be put to use immediately in my practice.”

Gary Greig – New Philadelphia, Ohio

“The one presenter format is highly effective. All information was on point.”

Gary Wood – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Very practical & useful. Good resource for this area of practice.”

Fernando Morgan – Montgomery, Alabama

“Even better than expected.”

Margita Noe – Selah, Washington

“Great class.”

Merwin Spencer – Pasco, Washington


Alan Buividas – Midvale, Utah

“Very well done! Excellent – I got a lot out of this seminar & now have reference material I will use in the future.”

Diane Sapp – Milltown, Illinois